Connected Festival

Yesterday was Connected Festival! It was super hot. When I checked it was 81 F and that was in the morning :( Luckily the line wasn't too long when we got there. We walked around for a few hours and I didn't get a lot but I did include a photo of what I did get at the end of this post :3 Anyways, here's what I wore yesterday:


Boy London Pullover
American Apparel Shorts
Steve Madden Boots
Wildfox Cat Sunnies

Photo credit to: Thu! <3


Here's a photo of what I got at Connected Fest: 



  1. Ah I was going to go, but I thought it was going to be cold and UnIF wasn't there so I stayed home :( I love the sweater and the shoes are to die for! Now I wish I did go haha :p

    1. aww I wish you had gone too! I thought it was going to be cold as well, that's why I wore that sweater but omg it was not cold at all LOL but yeah it was a bummer that UNIF was not there :( hope you go to the next sale! and thank you :)!!

  2. nice outfit!