Lately I have been obsessed with outerwear! I'm not sure if it's due to some insatiable passion for coats and jackets or if it's just because I'm so cold all the time. But either way, I'm seriously loving wool right now <3 Now, neither of the jackets in this post are going to be wool...but they are wonderful non the less!

I was lusting after this UNIF jacket for months!! However, I waited until it went on sale at Urban Outfitters before buying because I'm trynna save huhu ;_; I was lucky to find it at my local Urban Outfitters earlier this week! 

And now this one...is my new favorite texture! I had no idea faux shearling felt so nice *A* I had no idea shearling in general felt so nice! The shearling items I had tried on in the past were all a bit off (texture-wise) but this jacket was perfect! I love that it's cropped too because I am rather petite and coats are usually too long for me. This faux shearling cropped jacket is from Mango

That's all for now. 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. That jacket is everything! My god